6 Weeks to Turn Your Passion into Profit
Use Your Inner Sparkle &
Turn Passion into Profit
✓Remove the guesswork with simple steps
✓Understand your niche with certainty
✓Overcome any fear, increase confidence
✓Build your marketing funnel
✓Get ready for success

Sally Sparks-Cousins

Professional Action Taker and
Use Your Inner Sparkle & Turn Passion into Profit  Trainer & Cheerleader

Join the other SparkleSisters Going Live...

Join thousands of Australian female entrepreneurs getting stuff done and going live to grow their business and influence!
Are you struggling with....
  •  Finding your Inner Sparkle (passion)?
  •  Creating a Value Ladder?
  •  Understanding Marketing Funnels?
  •  Unsure how to grow your Email List?
  •  Unsure how to market you passion for revenue? 
Then Join me for my 6 week training course with Lifetime Replay Access ...  
What is your Inner Sparkle?
Did you know that right now there is a large extraordinary opportunity right in front of you?

I am referring to your own unique Inner Sparkle aka Your Passion & Zone of Genius…

So what exactly does the term “Inner Sparkle” mean and how does it apply to you?

Well, it’s unique to you which has been developed through your life of learning and experiences. These are linked to your skill, knowledge, passion, thoughts, ideas and discoveries.

It’s your secret “expertise” that comes sooo instinctively to you…

(The likelihood is that you are taking it for granted! - Most of us do!) 

It’s those elements and strengths that are part of you that have people look at you with admiration… 

They desire to have what you have… But they are struggling to figure out how to do it without help, even though it is so easy for you.

Now that is what I call "Your Inner Sparkle"

Do you understand - Go it? AWESOME!

So get ready...Because in this course I am going help you uncover what your inner sparkle is and then how you can then turn this into a revenue stream

... this will then allow you to love what you do everyday and never feel like your working again as you are enjoying yourself too much.

How cool right!
How do you turn your Inner Sparkle into income?
Did you know the knowledge that you have inside your head and the skills and experience that you have gathered through your life on the planet can be turned into an info-product.

What is an info-product?

It is a form of online courses, trainings, seminars coaching or consulting…

I know your probable thinking that you cannot charge for my knowledge because people can get that stuff on YouTube or find it on google.

Yes - your right!

They can... anything that can be taught can be found on YouTube...

And if a person wants to spend hours upon hours scrolling through YouTube to learn, then they will choose that.

There are however people who don't want to waste their time

... The want quick answers

... They want to learn from someone they trust and understands them

... They want the short-cut

... They want personal connections

And that is why they will come to you... Remember it may be easy for you, but it's not for everyone.

So what does Info-Products look like?

Here are some examples of Info-Products:

An ebook, a short course, online workshop, group coaching online, support groups, classes or seminars on a insane range of niches…

No matter the niche…

It’s going to be whatever Inner Sparkle you’ve been blessed with!

  •  Animal Training...
  •  Beauty...
  •  Business...
  •   Career/Executives... 
  •   Cooking... 
  •   Dance... 
  •   Design... 
  •  Gardening
  •   Golf... 
  •   Home Decorating...  
  •   Life Coaching... 
  •   Mediation / Yoga... 
  •   Music... 
  •   Naturopathy... 
  •   Nutrition...  
  •   Parenting... 
  •   Photography... 
  •   Property... 
  •  Reiki
  •   Relationships... 
  •   Sales...  
  •   Self-help / care... 
  •   Social Media... 
  •   Videography... 
  •   Weight Loss... 
  •   Wellness...
  •  and much much more...
Insane, right?!!

Seriously, no matter what your niche or your Inner Sparkle is…

There’s an unbelievable opportunity right there for the taking now...

To create and build a business that will feature your unique expertise with people who want your service…

All while you can add immeasurable value to the planet doing what you love :-)

And that is why I have created the program to help you…
Use Your Inner Sparkle to Turn Your Passion into Profit
As you may have guess, Turn Your Passion into Profit program is all about helping you learn how to use the power of your Inner Sparkle.

If you have a feeling that that there is more you can be doing with your life and want to discover what your inner sparkle is - this program is developed to also help you unlock and discover what you may already know deep in your heart you should be doing, and guide you to a more purposeful life.

Then teaching you how to turn that expertise into a 6 or 7 figure business. 

Even if you have no audience at the moment.

I’ve put it together to show you how to start being able to do what you love every single day while earning an income for it…

Step by Step  :-)

This is my inner sparkle and I'm so excited to be unlocking it for you.

Inside the program you are going to be shown the exact steps I have taken to be exactly where I am today... 

Inside The Turn Your Passion into Profit Program I’ve also taken away all of the guesswork…

So that you don't have to get get lost with what to do next, and then before you know it....

It's years later, and you're just beginning to see results, but the money is starting to run out and your confidence is waining, right? 

You know what I'm sayin? 

Well you won't need to be concerned with that again…

Because this program will show you how to recognise what that Inner Sparkle is for you…. 
What have you got to lose?
Right Now You’re Feeling Completely Lost and Overwhelmed By All The Systems, Structures, and Processes Everyone Tells You About.    

You feel completely stuck because you fear that you will not have what it takes to be a successful at creating a business that your truly love - and you know it could change your life - but you feel completely confused, your questions feel as though they are falling on deaf ears, and to be honest, you just feel lost.   
By Now You’ve...    
... tried doing research on marketing, but keep getting lost.    

… hitting the boost button and got no results.    

... heard about marketing funnels, but have no idea what it means.    

... know you need to grow your list but not sure how to attract people to you.      
... how to set them up effectively  
... how to track my conversions
... what interest group I should be targeting 
But as an educator and a life long learner, I decided to focus my attention on online and social media marketing until I could master the skills needed to be the best I could be.
Now You’re Ready to Cut Through the Methods that Don't Work and Finally Rely on a Proven System!   
So, Listen… I'd like to give it to you straight...    

When It Comes To Unlocking Your Passion and Creating Income while doing what you love - This Training is going to give you the skills you need to be successful.    

Everything You Need To Grow a Successful Business
What I did:
Believed in myself and made the leap to hire a business coach to guide me to success, while taking imperfect action 

and in a few short months...

and I was finally able to feel a sense of accomplishment by being able to get my message out to the masses and help people change their lives by inspiring and sharing my knowledge with them.      


WHY? That’s easy, because I’m looking to create a movement. An elite group of online business women who are ready      

… to jump out of bed with enthusiasm each day and spread their message to the masses      

… to enjoy the freedom that comes with creating residual income      

… and to start feeling more confident in themselves and what they can do by taking action
This Training will be Valued at $1997 - TODAY FOR YOU $997
This opportunity is ONLY available on this page..
Week 1:
Discover Your
Inner Sparkle 
In this module you will be discovering your Inner Sparkle (passion) so you can share it with others in an authentic and genuine way that will attract those people that just get you and your message.
  •  Exploring Your Inner Sparkle
  •  Understanding Your Lifer
  •  Attracting Your Lifer
  •  Your Personal Brand
  •  Your Personal Image
Week 2:
Marketing Your
Inner Sparkle
In this module you use strategies to help you decide which of you passions are the best to start to market so you can start to create a lifestyle business that allows you to do what you love everyday.
  •  Knowing What Expertise To Market
  •  How to do Competitor Research
  •  Which platform to use
  •  Testing Your Ideas
Week 3:
Developing Your Value Ladder for your product and services 
In this module you will be create the component you need to be able to build your sale funnels. So you can start putting you message out to the world and sharing you inner sparkle with purpose.
  •  Develop Your Value Ladder
  •  Create Your Lead Magnet
  •  Create Your Baby Offer
  •  Define Your Core Offer
  •  Done-For-You Swipe Files
Week 4: 
Setting Up Sales Funnels - The Online Business Blueprint 
In this module you will be building you sales funnels and getting automated to build your leads while you sleep. So you can build that lifestyle business you have always dreamed of and have the freedom that come with it.
  •  Create Your Landing Page
  •  Create Your Thank You Page
  •  Automating Your Emails
  •  Unpaid Traffic Sources
  •  Paid Traffic Sources
Week 5:
Mastering Video
Live Streaming
In this module you will create content that will engage and grow your audience, while mastering the skill of video. So you can feel confident in not only your message, but also your on screen presence.
  •  Creating Content with Purpose
  •  Live Video Format
  •  How to Look & Feel Your Best
  •  Lighting & Set-Design
  •  How to Repurposing Content
Week 6:
Planning your next
12 Months... 
In this module will start to plan ahead by creating your calendar of content and marketing events so that you can be ready for the best year ever...
  •  Calendar Blocking
  •  Create a Promotional Calendar
  •  Create a Content Calendar
  •  Testing
  •  Scaling & Growing
6 x Weekly Online Action Workshops
Valued at $2997
Join Sally in a 3 hour Action Taking Workshop. Your weekly workshop will be an interactive "ACTION" intensive as Sally shows you the steps and then pauses to allow you time to complete them live in the session.

If you're someone who struggles with accountability or clarity when it comes to what you should be doing, and in what order, your going to love the step-by step style of these Action Workshops.
3 Day Facebook Ads Training plus 90 min MasterClass
Valued at $297
Each week your invited to join Sally in a live 2-3 hour Live Action Taking Workshop. Your weekly workshop will be an interactive "ACTION" intensive as Sally shows you the steps and then pauses to allow you time to complete them live in the session.

If you're someone who struggles with accountability or clarity when it comes to what you should be doing, and in what order, your going to love the interactive, step-by step style of these Action Workshops.
6 Week Accountability FB Group
Moderated Facebook Accelerator Community Group where you can chat and keep each other accountable during the training. 

This group will in-valuable to the success of you completing the training, as you will be able to help each other along the way and share inspiration and successes with one and other. We work better together than we do alone.
plus a Premium Special BONUS
12 Months Free Access to Sparkle Elites
Group Coaching & Virtual Office Program
Valued at $197/mth
Sally and Team Sparkle are so aware of how lonely it can be as solopreneur on your business building journey...

This is why we have decided to grant access with the purchase of this program to the group coaching and virtual office program, so you never have to work alone again.

Access to:
  • Virtual Office - Don't Work Alone: There is a zoom conference room available for you to use when working on your computer. Work alongside other Elites in real time, face to face. It is like a virtual office, and you are all sitting inside your own cubicles working on your individual project, but you have people to speak to help you if you have questions. This is a great way to help you get work done, keep accountable, getting guidance and to ensure that you are working on the right stuff in the right order.
  •  Community Support - Facebook Group: Know that you are never alone on your journey. The Sparkle Elites Community Group is full of people with a wealth of knowledge and are there to support you no matter what time of the day, someone around the world is usually awake to help you. Share your wins, struggles and never feel alone again. 
  •  Weekly Goal Setting - 1 Hour Live Call: Every Monday Morning Sally & Team Sparkle moderate your goal setting tasks for the week. We help you get clarity on choosing tasks that are important, and then give you accountability to follow through. You can choose the important tasks that will actually make a difference, and not get lost or stuck in the scroll. Hot seat opportunities for 1:1 time with Sally in the group coaching session
  •  Elite Resource Library - All stored for easy access: All training, tools, tips and resources are stored in a special resource library for the Sparkle Elites. This tool is a place to find tips and strategies to help guide you in your learning and decision making processes.
  •  Training Opportunities - Elites Training Elites: Want to share your inner sparkle with other Sparkle Elites? Each month an Elite is given the option to submit their idea that they would like to share with the other members. This is a great opportunity to highlight you and your business to other members, and maybe get your next new client or customer.
6 weeks program
1997 997
or 12 payment of $197USD

  • Week 1: Discover Your Inner Sparkle
  • Week 2: Marketing Your Inner Sparkle
  • Week 3:  Developing Your Value Ladder for your product and services 
  • Week 4: Setting Up Sales Funnels - The Online Business Blueprint
  • Week 5: Mastering Video & Live Streaming 
  • Week 6: Planning your next 12 Months... 
  • Course Resources:
    Videos, Worksheets, Audio File, Transcripts, Templates & Swipe Files
  • BONUS #1 - 6 x Weekly Online Action Workshops
  • BONUS #2 - 3 Day Facebook Ads Training plus 90 min MasterClass
  • BONUS #3 - 6 Week Course Accountability FB Group
  • BONUS #4 - 12 Months Free Access to Sparkle Elites 
    Group Coaching & Virtual Office Program
  • 30 Day Money Back Action Guarantee
VIP Upgrade - Straight Talk with Sally
2997 1997
or 12  payment of $297USD
  • Everything in the DIY...
  • Plus REAL TALK from SALLY
    which includes
  • Weekly Review: 
    Submit you weekly module task to Sally to review personally.
    Once Sally downloads your weekly tasks she will take the time to review what you have done.
  • Personalised Audio Message: 
    Once Sally has reviewed your work for the week she will then record a personalised audio message for you giving you specific feedback and tips on the work you completed.
  • Over the 6 weeks Sally will get to know your business intimately:
    She can ensure you keep on track, avoid costly mistakes
    and be shown the shortcuts specific to you and your niche.
  •  Gain Insights:
    You will discover the power of drawing insights
    and getting clarification from someone who's
    "been there and done that" already!

What others are saying about Sally...
My Action Taking 30 Day Refund Guarantee
I know that investing your time and money into this training isn't easy...

I respect that...

But I'm also SO confident this 6 week training will have the power to change everything for you and your business...

Like it has mine :-)

So, I’m putting my money where my mouth is and offering you 100% security and protection in knowing your investment is going to work for you within 30 days.

Join me today, get ready to, immerse yourself in the trainings, ads, copywriting, ask questions, EVERYTHING… see if it works by implementing my training and strategies in your business

If you take action and implement what your shown and aren’t 100% happy, I will cheerfully refund you in full. I know if you’re an action taker and complete the modules and projects, you’ll will get results...

And will be attracting new customers to your business in no time :-)

All that I ask is that you jump inside and take imperfect action and just give it a go for you and your business...
Sound Fair?
Frequently Asked Questions:
How long will it take to complete this course
The course is designed to be competed over 6 weeks. 

You can however take longer if you want to as you will have lifetime access to all the training and materials and be able to refer back to them when needed.
Is the course dripped out or do I get full access
The course will be dripped out to you over 6 weeks getting access to 1 module each week. 

This is to ensure that you stay focused and on task, and complete the training in the right steps. 

This is done intentionally as we know that if you miss some important steps you will not be able to create really strong foundation for growth.
How much time will I need to dedicate to this training
Expect to allocate between 2 to 6 hours of self paced homework in between each weekly 3 hour action taking workshop to get the tasks completed.

Don't worry if you get busy and cannot do a week, you can catch up the following one...

You have lifetime access to these modules and your homework instructions so just take your time and move at a speed that's comfortable for you.
Where will I find the time for the Live Calls
You will find the upcoming Live Call schedule inside the dashboard for the Sparkle Live Marketing Funnel course.
How to I submit my homework for Straight Talk with Sally
You will be able to submit your assignment through the dashboard in the Straight Talk section inside of the Sparkle Class Academy.

You are encouraged to keep on track and complete your projects on time. As the opportunity to submit your 6 weeks and access to this feature closes 8 weeks from the commencement of the course (giving you a couple of extra weeks grace to submit your final projects!)
Where can I ask questions
There are a few places to ask question during the 6 weeks.

1. You can ask questions in the Facebook Course Accountability Group.

2. You can attend the Virtual Office Sessions and ask questions directly to Sally Live.

3. Any tech specific questions re access or log-in issues can be sent to ask@teamsparkle.com.au

4. Straight Talk with Sally participants, can ask questions each week directly to Sally when they submit their assignments for review.

After the 6 weeks program is completed can send questions to directly to ask@teamsparkle.com.au
DISCLAIMER: It’s important to know that my results are not typical nor is my experience. I am not implying that you will duplicate them (or actually do anything for that matter). I have the benefit of having run my own marketing business. The average person who buys any “how to” information generally does very little with it and because of this inaction gets little to no results. Business also entails risk and nothing is guaranteed. If you are not willing to accept that then PLEASE DO NOT GET THIS PROGRAM EITHER. If you are looking for a guaranteed “silver bullet” then this program at the grand price of $1997 USD is also not for you.
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