Sparkle Elite Club Membership
without a sales and marketing plan - your business is just a hobby
Surely You're Utterly Sick And Tired Of Guessing How To Get New Clients & New Sales? Well You Don't Have To Be...
Not anymore. 
Imagine what’s possible for your business. When you are able to...
Feel super PUMPED to do a video call with prospects, because you are CONFIDENT that you know how to have easy, engaging, feel-good conversations that convert into clients— and dollar bills
Regularly closing your sales, while feeling like you’re helping a friend – all while not harassing people and feeling sales-y or pushy.
Easily be able to create loyalty, build strong customer relationships (i.e RAVING fans) – so you can know that you are not front of mind with your ideal clients, and push your competitors to the background.
Get automated with plug and play marketing and sales tools. From pre-written email templates, ready to use proven high converting landing pages, step by step scripts – so you have more time to do the work you love instead of spending it chasing clients or trying to reinvent the wheel. 
Sparkle Elite Club Membership
Has been created for people who...

Want easy step by steps system

Want to be able to implement a new marketing plan every month

Want easy to follow proven sales systems that actually work

"The Tools Alone In The Sparkle Library Are Worth Their Weight in Gold"
~ Jenni, Sparkle Elite Member ~
Get swipe files & templates that are proven to covert

Done-For-You Sales Email Templates

Opt-In Landing Page Swipe Files

Thank-You Page Swipe Files

Sparkle Elite Club Membership

ongoing support and access to Sally and her team face to face so that no student gets left behind
This Program is for you if...
  • If you are hustling harder and harder, month after month, and STILL not cracking $50K in revenue…
  •  If you are sinking more and more money into your business and not seeing ANY returns…
  •  If you are wasting valuable time on free consult calls that always seem to end with potential clients disappearing (or courting your competitors. ugh.)
  •  If you keep telling yourself – “I can’t do this! I just CAN’T do sales!”
What Makes Sparkle Elite Club Membership Different from Other Programs?
"No Student Left Behind Policy"
The amount of personal attention you’ll get for your business in
 Sparkle Elite Club Membership

We do the work TOGETHER, so that s#%t gets done. 

If you show up and take action on what you learn you WILL see changes in your business – and in your bank account!

Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.
Discover how to use Sales & Marketing to sell without the fear of what to say or feeling salesy?
"So You Can Have More Time, More Freedom & More Clients"
If this is you, then this could be the most important letter you read this year.
Hey there beautiful 'sparkling' lady,

Sally here and I am writing this for you today as I have a very important message I want to share with you…

Something that I believe that...
Female Coaches, Consultants, Healers & Course Creators need to hear.
I meet so many amazing women daily that have something special, something they are super passionate about, something they are wanting to desperately share with the world, to help and uplift others ...

but they have become stuck in not knowing how to get their message “out to the masses” so to speak…

Confused with the best way to attract prospects...

Or when they do, how to actually get the words out when it comes time to...
present their “offer” without feeling salesy.
If you’re looking for a simple way to jumpstart your business to the $5,000 or even $40,000 per month level in the next few weeks...

Then I want to show you how I used simple proven system to go from zero sales to closing between $6,000 to $20,000 clients all while starting out…

And how I used this same simple of having a conversation to attract hundreds of female entrepreneurs and build one of the fastest growing business in 2019.

But, before I reveal it, I have a bit of a confession to make...

This is not for people who just want to collect credit card details and not deliver the service .

Or people who just want a fully automated business and don't want to talk to their clients face to face to deliver quality service.

Or people who just want to grow their business slowly and constantly complain about their finances.

This letter is important information that I wanted to share with you show you there is a better way!
To ensure that you are setting your business up for the best chance of success! 

If you’re expecting a to just be given access to the program and library of resources and then never hear from myself or my team, just like most other programs on the market .… this is not that.

And, if wanting to work on your business by yourself, and not be help accountable to taking action and implementing new marketing strategies

I’m sorry - but regrettably this program you’re about to discover will disappoint you because....
It’s a simple high touch program with walk-through guided videos, done for you templates, and daily access to Team Sparkle to help hold you accountable to ensure you are to filling your calendar with perspective ideal clients to speak too.
  • No Overwhelming Tech…
  •  No Sleazy Sales Scare Tactics…
And there’s not even any ads to run if you so choose!

No, this is not a typical strategy where you do nothing but waste your time, and deplete your bank account.

What you’re about to discover goes against the norm…

In fact, this approach probably goes against everything you’ve been taught about signing high-paying clients.

Because it's actually SO simple…
It's super basic
And it doesn’t take long to setup...

you could literally be setting up your next marketing campaign in just a few hours.

Because of that…

You may just pass it over for something a little more “exciting”.

And if you are – I wish you all the luck in the world ;-)

I am speaking to the female coaches and consultants who don't necessarily want an " extravagant" or "elaborate" way of doing things...
She wants simple… She wants step by step guides…
And she wants something that works to get clients FAST, with support knowing you can ask questions and get help when you NEED it.

That’s it.

So if that’s you, then keep reading because…

Here’s How I Discovered This “Straightforward” Way to Attract High-Paying Clients...
WITHOUT crazy tech, or complex systems, and scary sales pitches.
Now, don't get me wrong...

I've have lots of crazy tech marketing funnels and complex automation systems set up in my business. And you will have access to all of that...

But before I had the money, the resources or the time to do this, I was using a very simple system, that had my calendar filling fast with the ideal client looking for my service.

Here’s what I mean...

When I started I wanted to have at least $20k a month as fast as possible…
The Fastest Path to Profit
As this would allow me to really focus on serving and setting up better systems.

Because for me, this meant I could finally breath, and enjoy my passion business!

At $20k per month you get…
To breath and enjoy more lifestyle!
Choosing the focus on the FASTEST PATH TO PROFIT 

Has allowed me more time to really focus on serving my clients and setting up better systems. 

Because for me, this meant I could finally breath, and enjoy my passion business and helping others!

At $20k per month you get…
  •  Stop worrying about bills…
  •  Stop stressing about money… 
  •  Start hiring staff to help me… 
  •  Start being able to come and go as I wanted 
  •  Start having more time with family and friends  
  •  Freedom to live life on my terms 
The Fastest Path to Profit
I knew when I got to $20k per month, I could finally breath again.

I am someone who has always been a hard worker and love a good hustle.

I thought the only way to attract new clients was the standard marketing systems we all get taught.

Slowly moving people up my value ladder from freebie, to $7 offer to $37 offer, to $297 offer, to $997 offer and eventually to $5k to $10k high ticket products.

Now don’t get me wrong these systems totally work.

But when I didn’t have all the capital to invest in all the testing to lead people down this long marketing strategy path I started to become

Overwhelmed, trying to get set up loads of lead magnets and opt-in pages…

Confused, learning how write copy that would convert to leads so I could get in front of my ideal clients…

And I was totally bewilder trying to work out how to get them from a lead to a paying client.

But the hardest part was…

After lots of testing to eventually selling these low products, I was not even covering my ad spend.

After all that time wasted, money spent so much hustle and effort... well I was feeling totally disheartened!

It didn't make sense, either, because I'd done everything I'd been told I was supposed to do.

Focusing on the standard value ladder built for clients to climb up to me slowly to get them to know, like and trust me.

It took so long to finally sign any new clients into my highest program...

I sure as heck didn’t sell enough of my low-ticket products…

It kept setting my business back as a result...

And the bills started piled up, even my hubby who is the most supportive man you will ever meet, I could see that he was starting to doubt me.
Lets now step forward only a few months later…
And I went from attracting $47 clients into my membership program, to bringing in a consistent flow of $6,000+ clients!

Without needing to sell low prices products or courses…

Without creating loads of lead magnets

Without building confusing, complex marketing funnels...

And without feeling salesy or sleazy at all!

So, how did I do it?
Well, here’s the answer...
(But first, a quick warning... It's not as complicated as you might think ;-)

I simply started selling with my voice!


I would create a simple live video on social media to attract my ideal clients.

Then I would jump on a call and chat with potential clients IRL (in real life) via one to one consult calls.

Where I could offer my high ticket offer right up front to the right people, who needed my service the most and were ready for transformation.

Yep, that's it!
I told you it was simple, right?!
When I gave up building the labyrinth of sales systems, marketing tricks, and testing loads of different strategies...

And I striped things right back just speaking to those who were interested

it was much easier to link people up with my services they actually wanted...

Once I decided to simplify things here's what happened:

I told you simple right?!
When I gave up building the labyrinth of sales systems, marketing tricks, and testing loads of different strategies...

And I striped things right back just speaking to those who were interested

it was much easier to link people up with my services they actually wanted...

Once I decided to simplify things here's what happened:
Firstly, My CALENDAR was FILLING without any COMPLEX FUNNEL.
No more need for complex funnels, just a simple to follow script and a 2 minute video.

This allows prospects to see my face on a video, and I can really share my passion for helping them in an authentic way.

They can see my personality, look into my eyes, watch my expressions, to see if they think they would like to work with me...

And I found that prospects were booking calls with me straight from a “cold” video.

What better way to helped to short cut the “Know, Like & Trust” steps.

They had already met me before getting on a call with me.
Secondly, I Got Clients IMMEDIATELY with a lot LESS work.
By speaking to people directly, there was no need for complex funnel set-ups, or sales pages, or lots of little steps up a value ladder.

I could skip all that. Immediately.

And the reason why was…

Because when on a 1-on-1 sales consult call and you are using a simple system, it is easy to educate your prospects over the phone and have them ready to make a decision to hire you to help them...

All in less than 60 minutes.

Imagine taking someone from “cold” to “sold” in under 60 minutes?

Well you can with a simple voice conversion in a sales call that’s run the right way.

Without feeling sales-y and sleezy.

You are just helping those people who want to be helped, and then pointing those who are not right for you in another direction.

And Thirdly, I Realised I Could START SELLING My High-Ticket OFFER on The CALL...
When I was working in Direct Sales and Network Marketing I was the number #1 Team Builder in Australia & New Zealand, winning many awards on stage and being recognised in their catalogue.

This was from using a simple system I call the Upside Down Fastest Path To Profit System.

I was a sort after speaker teaching on this strategy, due to the success of my simple to follow upside down funnel system.

When I resigned to start my own coaching business I thought I needed to follow the “normal marketing systems” getting people to climb the value ladder.

But one day I had the best "shower thought!" (this is where I get all my best ideas! :-) )

Why can’t I use the same Upside Down Funnel I used to use when I was working in Network Marketing.

When I had this light bulb moment, my coaching business changed dramatically.

The greatest part about speaking with someone (Phone or Skype), is that you don’t have to sell a $37 low ticket program first, to get a prospect signed up.

You just use the simple “Upside Down Funnel System” and start right at the top-end program!

Yes that’s $1,000, $2,000, $5,000, even $10,000 or more.

I’ve used this method to sell programs over $20,000 in one call!

So yes, you can skip ALL the product creation…

Eliminate the need for a "standard value ladder"...

And simply sell your ideal client your most expensive, transformational package first.

After all, that’s the product they REALLY need, right? For complete transformation.

Think about it…

You would have to sell 504 x $37 products to make $20,000 per month.

How much easier would it be instead of 504 product you only have to sell...

4 x $5,000 products to make $20,000 per month.

This is the power of what a video face to face conversation and upside down funnel did for my business…

And, I know, you can do for your coaching and consulting business too.

All you have to do is give up the months you would have spent creating crazy funnels, complex automations, and complicated tech...
And Focus On The One Thing That Actually Signs High-Ticket Clients Fast... 
Even though I was totally new selling ME as a service, not a physical product ;-)

This simple system has been my secret sauce that I've refined and crafted, that has made me a 6 figure earner fast.

With this system I can attract and sign $5,000+ clients whenever I want.

With absolutely no natural selling gift ;-)

Just a simple to follow system that anyone can learn.

Which is why I want to share it with you...

This limited access program:

Introducing the
 Sparkle Elite Club Membership
  • ​You CAN learn how to sell with a cool, calm and collective professional (no more nerves, cold sweats or self-doubt spirals)
  • ​You CAN learn how to handle objections with confidence and charm like a skilled pro, and hear “YES!” from your potential customers.
  • ​You CAN end your sales calls with your customer BEGGING to work with you and handing over their credit card number! (They’ll even thank YOU for the opportunity!)
You know in your heart that you’re meant to impact the world in a BIG way…
You’ve not been taught to sell in a way that feels natural. 

You think you have to be pushy, aggressive, or bully your customers into saying yes in order to close the deal. 

When you sell this way everyone walks away with that horrible sleazy feeling – this is not how you want to do business, right?

The problem is most programs, books and training methods are based on the OLD way of doing business. 
advising you that you cannot take NO! for an answer. This is such an old fashioned way to sell

... and people don't want a bar of it
I promise you can...
Find clients, sell your products and service in a way that feels amazing, get raving fans and brand ambassadors, connect with people, be the heart-centred person you want to be while helping people doing what put here on the earth to do!
Visualise the possibilities awaiting your business when you can
  • Easily be able to create loyalty, build strong customer relationships (i.e RAVING fans) – so you can know that you are front of mind with your ideal clients.
  •  Feel super PUMPED to do a video call with prospects, because you are CONFIDENT that you know how to have easy, engaging, feel-good conversations that convert into clients— and dollar bills
  • Sell with integrity in a cool and calm conversation – no more nervous sweats or overwhelming self-doubt spirals.
  • Create major EXCITEMENT on social platforms about your offers that lead to long wait lists, sold-out events, and 5-figure launches.
  • Regularly closing your sales that feeling like you’re helping a friend – not harassing people and feeling sales-y or pushy.
  • Have the confidence when you're creating your premium offers, and knowing your worth every dollar – so you are working smarter, not harder, and finally make the money you need to have the lifestyle you know you deserve.
  • Get automated with plug and play marketing and sales systems. From pre-written email templates, ready to use proven high converting landing pages, so you have more time to do the work you love instead of spending it chasing clients who ghost you or trying to reinvent the wheel. 
Guess what – That’s PRECISELY what you can achieve in your business with this program.
You’ve started and stopped so many times you’ve lost count.
If you . . .
But you STILL can’t seem to figure out how to get your business making the kind of money you thought you’d be making by now…

(The good news is – learning to sell isn’t rocket science!)

So if what you're sick of trying and failing...
(and you’ve got the bank statements to prove it)…

(that is genuine, trustworthy and doesn't feel sales-y or puts a bad taste in your mouth) IS WHAT’S BEEN MISSING.
 Sparkle Elite Club Membership
What Us Different from Other Programs?
... with a New sales or marketing plan every month!
plus we have a no student left behind policy that we are super proud of
The amount of personal attention you get in the  Sparkle Elite Club Membership
We do the work TOGETHER, so you can get that s%it done!

If you turn up and take action you WILL see changes in your business - and in your bank account
but NEVER like this one!
 Sparkle Elite Club Membership is not like anything you have experienced in the past. Sally's dedication to her members and getting them what they need to succeed is extraordinary. 

For the life of your membership, all students have direct access to Sally - face to face every week - guaranteed!!
NOT via a Facebook Live Stream 

NOT via a Moderated Webinar

NOT via a pre-recorded video
Sally is LIVE in Zoom (video conference) so you can talk face to face.

This allows you to learn at EXACTLY the level you are at in your business journey.

It doesn't matter if you're just starting out or been in business for years you will be given the correct steps needed to SUCCEED.
In TheSparkle Elite Club Membership, we pride ourselves on the "No Student Left Behind Policy". 
And we’re committed to keeping all content relevant and fresh. That’s why we are constantly updating our training tools!
Get support you and your business deserves
Join The Sparkle Elite Club Membership Now
This is to ensure that all students get the love and attention that they need to succeed.
LIVE Question and Answer Sessions With Sally every week
Monday Calls every Monday @ 8am AEST
This means if you show up and do the work you will be coached live.

You’ll have the opportunity to get direct, in-person feedback on your marketing & sales strategies from Sally! 
(You all know how super rare that is to find in a group training!) 

Sparkle Monthly M.A.P.
Monthly Marketing Action Plan
  • A Marketing or Sales Plan Every Month. Create a new marketing or sales strategy into your business every month with the help of Sally and her Team. Imagine what your business will look like in 12 months with 12 new plans implemented and running in your business.
  • 2 Hour Implementation Live Call. Join Sally for a 2 hour live call each month as she walks you through implementing the plan in real time.
  •  Done-For-You Templates: Simple copy and paste, add your own sparkle business niche info and your set to go.
  •  Remove the guesswork: Simple to duplicate and get your automation up and running so your new clients don't forget you.
Sparkle M.AP.'s currently available
access one MAP of your choice every month

Write Your First 5 Sales Email

This issue of the “Sparkle MAP” is to help you set up your series of 5-email for your sales funnel. This is what you can use in your business when someone opt-ins to your email list, or requests to download your freebie

Email & Messenger Bot List Building

This issue of the “Sparkle MAP” is a simple system that you can set up for your business to help build your Facebook Messenger and email list. It’s deceptively simple and powerfully effective!

Annual Promotional Calendar & Content Marketing

This issue of the “Sparkle MAP” is a system that you can set up for your business for the next 12 months worth of offers, promotions and also to plan for your content marketing to ensure that your content that you are producing for your audience aligns with your promotions and offers!

Automated List Building Machine

This issue of the “Sparkle MAP” is to help you get your first or next 100 emails in 30 days. This is what you can use in your business to build your email list.

The Ask & The Follow-Up System

This issue of the “Sparkle MAP” is to help you have a proven system to start talking to new potential clients/customers/recruits with simple followup systems. This will help you close more offers and have you working your business like a true professional.

Value Ladder & Offer Creation

This issue of the “Sparkle MAP” is to help you to develop your value ladder and defining your offers. This will help to see what you currently have available that you can offer, and also plan for the future.

Crafting Your 3 Day Challenge

This issue of the “Sparkle MAP” is to help you to develop a 3-day challenge. This will help to define your core promise you will be offering in your 3-day challenge, write your emails, messenger blasts and facebook group posts.

Conversations That Convert

This issue of the “Sparkle MAP” has be designed to help you increase your consult conversion rates. You will find scripts and templates for your pre-consult qualifying questionnaire, consult day scripts for reminder phone calls and text messages, consult script and overcoming objections resource

Messenger Bot Set-Up & Main Build

This issue of the “Sparkle MAP” has been designed to help you build your fully working marketing chatbot using ManyChat

Re-engage with your Cold List

This issue of the “Sparkle MAP” has been designed to help re-engage with your prospect list(s), that will lead to booking consults and making sales.

Automate 9 Touch Follow-Up System

This issue of the “Sparkle MAP” has been designed to help automate your follow-up's so you can book more 1:1's and stop leaving money sitting on the table.
Sparkle Elite Resource Library
All training, tools, tips and resources are stored in a special resource library for the Sparkle Elites. 

This tool is a place to find tips and strategies to help guide you in your implementation and decision making processes.
Virtual Office
There is a zoom conference room available for you to use when working on your computer. 

Work alongside other Elites in real time, face to face. It is like a virtual office, and you are all sitting inside your own cubicles working on your individual project, but you have people to speak to and help you if you have questions. 

This is a great way to help you get work done, keep accountable, getting guidance and to ensure that you are working on the right stuff in the right order.
Training Opportunities
Elites Training Elites
Want to share your inner sparkle with other Sparkle Elites? 

Each month an Elite is given the option to submit their idea that they would like to share with the other members. 

This is a great opportunity to highlight you and your business to other members, and maybe get your next new client or customer.
Community Support & Accountibity
Know that you are never alone on your journey. 

The Sparkle Elites Facebook Community Group is full of people with a wealth of knowledge and are there to support you no matter what time of the day, someone around the world is usually awake to help you. 

Share your wins, struggles and never feel alone again.
Weekly Monday Mastermind Call
Every Monday Morning Sally & Team Sparkle moderate your goal setting tasks for the week. 

We help you get clarity on choosing tasks that are important, and then give you accountability to follow through. 

You can choose the important tasks that will actually make a difference, and not get lost or stuck in the scroll. 
Free Tickets to
Elite Retreat
You'll receive free tickets to Elite Retreats. These incredible, inspiring and action-focused weekends will leave you refreshed and buzzing, excited for your adventure that lies ahead.  
THE TOTAL VALUE OF THE Sparkle Elite Club Membership and all its resources IS OVER $25,500
This is NOT just a program
on Sales & Marketing
When you are a member you will get
a 1:1 call with Sally so you can really get the help to ensure that you TAKE ACTION to grow your business, like never before.

Our no student gets left behind policy, ensure that you are held accountably to working your business.

Monthly M.A.P (Marketing Action Plan) to implement a sales or marketing strategy into your business every month.

Instant Access to the Sparkle Elite Library of Resources and Training.

Access to a group of female business owners with a wealth of knowledge, that are also invested in the growth of their businesses.

It's an interactive community experience like no other!
This OFFER is only available for a a LIMITED TIME
so everyone gets the attention and RESULTS they deserve
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
I am 100% dedicated to Sparkle Elite Club Members
I am 100% dedicated to Sparkle Elite Club Members and believe with my whole heart that if you show up to class, implement what you learn there, take advantage of the M.A.P's (Marketing Action Plans) and follow the plan laid out for you – you will see real results, real revenue, and real raving fans.

But I understand that I can’t be a perfect fit for EVERYBODY, so if you join us and find that in 30days you don’t see the value it adds to your business you’re free to drop out with a full refund. 

Just email team sparkle before the 30 day trial is up. And you will get a full refund - no questions asked.
Still have questions? We’ve got answers!
 How can I be sure I am going to get results from the Sparkle Elite Club Program?
This isn’t your typical sink-or-swim online program. As soon as you join the Sparkle Elite Club Program, we are all the support you will need, with our no student left behind policy. You’ll share with me the three goals you want to accomplish with your investment and I’m going to help you get there, checking in with you along the way.

And remember the Sparkle Elite Club Program promise: If there’s anything you need more help on, we’ll schedule a time to talk live so that you get the results you expect from your investment. Because I don’t feel like I’ve truly succeeded until you have.
 Sparkle Elite Club program seems expensive, don't you think?
Is this an investment in yourself and your business? Of course. But marketing and sales is a skill set that makes your business money FOR LIFE (and totally worth the less than $6.50 you’ll be spending a day on Sparkle Sales Marketing School if you ask me).

Without the ability to market and sell, your business can’t survive. The good news is: Most of my students recoup their investment in a matter of months (some have even made their money back in days by using ONE of the follow-up scripts in the bonus library).

I’ve thoughtfully tailored Sparkle Elite Club Program to make it practically impossible for you to fail, as long as you do your part and take action.
 I have a copywriter, do I need Sparkle Elite Club, too?
Copywriters can help you sound like a pro, but they aren’t there to help you handle yourself when it comes to speaking to potential clients on the fly, via email, or on an initial call. The Sparkle Elite Club Program teaches you the art of having conversations that convert, so you can know exactly what to say and how to say it in a way that feels true to you without feeling sales-y or pushy.
 I have done programs in the past with zero results, how is this different?
I’m excited you asked. Unlike most group training programs, the level of hands-on support and commitment you’ll be getting from me in The Sparkle Elite Club Program is pretty much unprecedented and makes getting real results easier than ever.

I’ll be totally honest: You need to implement what you learn, and you’ll only get out of The Sparkle Elite Club Program what you put in (like most things in life). What I can promise you is NO student is left behind.

I’m here to make getting results inevitable. And if YOU’RE committed to getting your money’s worth out of The Sparkle Elite Club Program, so am I, I got your back.
 Do I need to know my exact neiche to enroll in the The Sparkle Elite Club Program?
In short, yes. The Sparkle Elite Club Program will help you learn how to speak in a way that converts. But you’ll need to understand your niche to be able to communicate with your ideal clients.

If you need help, we have another suitable product that we recommend you start with which is designed to help you understand your audience and find your inner sparkle. It is called "Sparkle Passion in Profit School".

If you want more information on this please reach out and we can give you more details on this program.
 Is the program dripped out or do I get full access?
The program comes with a library full of resources that you have access to and can when needed. It is a library, not a course. So it has all sorts of resources for Sales, Marketing, Branding, Design and Mindset.

However, as part of your membership, you also get access to a M.A.P. (Marketing Action Plan) of your choice each month. Which you request to unlock. We do not unlock all the MAPs at once, as we see too many people get lost in the learning and not the ACTION TAKING!

We understand that some people will be further ahead in their business journey than others. So if you are unsure which MAP you need, just book a chat with Sally or one of her team members and they will guide you on the best one for your current business stage, that will give you the best results based on the stage your business is at. 

 Is course for product based or service based businesses?
Both! No matter what kind of business you run, The Sparkle Elite Club Program teaches you the marketing and sales principles that’ll help attract and woo customers and keep them committed.

While our syllabus does cover some topics specific to service-based businesses (like consult calls, email scripts for follow-ups, etc), you’ll also learn how to write high-converting sales copy, all about social selling, and how to talk about what you’re selling in a way that’s engaging and genuine — which is perfect for in-person networking and marketing situations!
 Is the The Sparkle Elite Club Program for coaches in B2B only?
Definitely not! 

Some of the most successful The Sparkle Elite Club Members have been B2C and B2B business owners. You’ll find everyone from graphic designers, to coaches, to fashion experts, to nutritionists, to psychics, to psychologists and product makers in here.
 I'm so busy running my business, I don't have time to do the work right now?
So while you’ll get more value out of following along with us, participating in weekly class times, and having your sales and marketing campaigns reviewed by Sally, The Sparkle Elite Club Program is designed to be easily accessible and fit into your schedule when it’s most convenient for you.
 Is there any saving option?
Yes, you asked and we listened! 

You can choose to pay $1,997USD up front and get 12 months access and save $394 for an ANNUAL subscription.

... PLUS as an added bonus ANNUAL MEMBERS also get VIP ticket to our Annual Elite Retreat Weekend.

Just contact us after joining to discuss the upgrade.,
 When does registration close?
We only open The Sparkle Elite Club Program for a limited time, to ensure that we give the most amount of attention to our new members as possible to help them get the best results.
 How will the content be delivered to me?
After purchase, I will email you a link to the Sparkle Class Academy Library where you will create a username and password.
Once logged in you will have FULL access to the Sparkle Elite Club Library, prior to your Induction Call. So you can start working on a marketing or sales plan that best suits you right away.

Once you have your Induction Call you will be able to request access to the appropriate M.A.P that best suits what you need to be working on this month.  

I will also be sending you weekly emails so you’ll be able to stay engaged and on track!
 How much time will I need to put into the Sparkle Sales Marketing School?
Live Group Coaching are 60 to 120 minutes a week  - but you can just jump in and get your questions answered and be on your way. 

You have daily opportunities ask questions inside the community as needed. Plus access to Virtual Office Space where Sally and her time are usually working, so you can ask questions in there also. 

If you plan an average of 2 to 3 hours per week that should give you plenty of time to get the most out of your The Sparkle Elite Club Program!
 What if I cannot attend the live sessions?
There is the chance that you will get distracted by your little ones, or an unexpected appointment. You can rest assured that you will have access via the Sparkle Class Academy Library for replays.

You can submit questions for Sally to still cover for you even when you are not able to attend live, and catch up on the replay.

Inside The Sparkle Elite Club Program Library you will find the replays of all the live calls.

So if the timezone is tough for you, you have an irregular schedule or if you are someone who likes to watch live calls in your own time, Sally's got you covered.
 When is the Virtual Office Space Open?
You can access the virtual office space at any time, it is a special room set-up especially for the Sparkle Elite Club Members which allows 24/7 access.

It is available to use 24/7, and you just post in the Facebook Group letting people know you are working in there, and other people can join you. Or keep an eye for when other Sparklers or Sally or Team Sparkle post they are working in there and you can join them.
 Where can I ask questions?
There are a few places to ask questions.

1. You can ask questions in the Facebook Community Group.

2. You can attend the Live Class Calls on Monday Morning Goal Setting Calls and ask questions directly to Sally Live.

3. You can submit questions to Sally to cover during her live calls, and you can watch the replay if you cannot attend live.

4. Any tech specific questions regarding access or log-in issues can be sent to
 I still am not 100% sure that this is the right fit for me and my business?
The truth is  — I’d never want you to make a purchase you’re not confident about it. That is why we are giving you a 30 day trial to find out if it the right fit for you.

however, if you are still unsure and want a conversation, I get it. I am the same, I would prefer a conversation before making a decision, so I’m happy to hop on the phone or via zoom to make sure this is the right choice for you and your business. 

You can email me here to get your questions answered, or make an appointment through my lovely assistant: