Sparkle Live in 5
with Confidence & Purpose
✓Remove the guesswork
✓Engage with your audience
✓Overcome any fear
✓Build your confidence & screen presence
✓Tips on what to say and do

Sally Sparks-Cousins

Professional Action Taker and
Go Live in 5 with Confidence & Purpose Cheerleader

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Join thousands of Australian female entrepreneurs getting stuff done and going live to grow their business and influence!
Your Mindset & Personal Brand
On day 1 Sally will share tips on defining your personal brand, discuss mindset tips so that you can be confident and overcome any fear of hitting that go live button.
Elevator Pitch & Live Structure Format
On day 2 Sally will give you her simple script formula and processes for when you go live to ensure you have a strong start, middle and end. So you can increase engagement and retention while you are live.
Content Development Strategies
On day 3 Sally will give you an easy to follow 3 dot point system for developing your content, and how to deliver it with confidence  in a non salesy way.
Continuous Improvement & Behind the Scenes
On day 4 Sally gives you strategies on how to review your lives with loving eyes so you can continue to improve. You will get a look behind the camera at Sally's set-up and easy hacks on how you can go live & look professional without all the professional gear.
Bonus 2 Hour Masterclass
On the final day Sally will share strategies of how to turn your live streams into a revenue generating marketing funnel, so you can grow your leads list with automation, so you can work on the important tasks of building customers relationships to generate income
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